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Originally Posted by Handro View Post
I would not call Lincoln Park THE in neighborhood by any means, but I don't think any neighborhood outside of Gold Coast/Loop is denser or more urban with the same blocks-long, unbroken street walls with little to no retail vacancy.
It may not be the cultural hub of the city (outside of the Big 10 college crowd I'm not sure it ever was) but there aren't many neighborhoods that match its accessibility and built environment, and even few that exceed it. I would imagine out of towners visit Lincoln Park (DePaul Campus, the Zoo, middle ground between Wrigley and downtown hotels) much more often than they do, say, Logan Square, which is a much more "culturally relevant" at this point to many Chicagoans.
If you are asking which non-downtown area neighborhood gets the most out of town visitors, I cannot hold up any stats to refute you. However, I would guess that Hyde Park and E. Lakeview could give Lincoln Park a run for its money. Lakeview has Wrigley and Wrigleyville, and HP has U of C and the MSI and other smaller institutions. You've also got Rogers Park/West Ridge for Loyola and South Asian shopping and Chinatown for...well, being Chinatown, and UIC for, well...being UIC. We can go on, but ultimately, it doesn't matter because I still don't view most of these neighborhoods as major "destinations"; most of of towners tend to go downtown.
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