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Originally Posted by Chef View Post
Of all the cities I've been to, Denver is the one that seemed the most similar to Minneapolis. The climate is different but that is about it. East Colfax in Denver is like south Minneapolis' Lake St and Lyndale Ave had a love child and it moved west. You could switch out parts of the two cities and nobody would notice.
Agreed. The vibe and demographics feel similar as well. Newer, isolated metros of similar size that dominate their large respective regions (mountain west/central Great Plains and upper Midwest + Dakotas). Both have healthy economies with highly educated white collar work forces, both are very outdoorsy (although in different ways), both are pretty white, and both are fairly flat. Minneapolis is greener, wetter, and colder; Denver has mountains nearby. Otherwise they’re very similar.

Also, having just briefly visited Charleston, it felt like New Orleans and Boston had a baby.
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