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Originally Posted by New2Fishtown View Post
It's absurd Old City has no full service grocery store, and there are fewer and fewer places to fit one of any size given how few large sites there are left. If this building has the footprint for one, let's get an Heirloom Market in there. It's the perfect model for the neighborhood, and yet they're moving ahead in four other neighborhoods already without any mention of Old City. It would be a huge step for the area's livability.
Well, you have the ACMEs at 5th and Spruce and 2nd and Girard. Not sure if you need another large format grocery store in between the two.

I'm south of Rittenhouse Square and we don't have a full service grocery store near me but that doesn't impact my livability. We have smaller format grocery stores within a short walk and if I need to do "big shopping", I can easily get there by a longer walk, transit, Uber, or car.
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