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Originally Posted by Londonee View Post
I mean, you're 50 feet from Elfreth's Alley. A block from the Race Street Pier and the Fringe Festival HQ (busy round the clock during the September Festival), 1.5 blocks to Betsy Ross's house, 2 blocks to Christ Church, 3 blocks to the Revolutionary War Museum, 3 blocks to the National Constitution Center, 4 blocks to Independence Mall, 4.5 blocks to the #1 restaurant in the country - all while staying in a bustling 19th century 'hood with eclectic offerings and energy. It's not going to attract corporate clientele, but your notion that it's not "such a hot spot for a hotel" seems off.

I don't hate the new design - the angular roof is interesting - but a hotel here would have been awesome and benefited local businesses far more than a few new residences.
I'd rather have a new hotel too. It's definitely in the general neighborhood, no doubt. There just seem to be plenty of offerings even closer to the heart of the historic area. I'm not making an infallible declaration, just stating my perception. Philadelphia has always been funny that way to me (especially given how compact the city "core" really is). Unlike other cities, if something isn't super close, some folks (sometimes me included) consider it trek. A few blocks one way or the other is "too far."
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