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Originally Posted by eixample View Post
And I am not a fan of any of it being done in excess in any city. Nor am I fan of urban billboards, in which Philly proliferates. Its always curious to me to see which companies push for these. A firm like Morgan Lewis wouldnt seem to be the type to me - I certainly understand why they want to get their name out to the Acela set but it still strikes me odd that a firm with elite global pretensions would do it. This sign is certainly not the worst thing in the world though, I don't want to be too curmudgeonly or a buzzkill on this positive development.
I think you’re wrong on the last points. The whole reason why Morgan is building a new building is to impress, and be a 21st century law firm. I bet putting the logo on top is something they very much wanted, and don’t see it as tacky—but a sort of chest-puffing. You want to be here, type of thing.

^^also speaking of signage, WSFS is in the process of replacing the Beneficial sign atop 1818 Market.
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