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Originally Posted by pj3000 View Post

That's one of the various reasons why the following reasoning lacks merit: "why did downtown never develop to begin with?"

"And the answer to that is the same for LA, Dallas, or any other large sunbelt city Sprawl was the order of the day."

The question is not applicable to LA, Dallas, or other large Sunbelt cities... because those downtowns did, in fact, develop. And answer is not the same -- far from it.
LA has a bit of a downtown now but as late as 2000 ish people complained that Downtown LA sucked.

Even now LA and Dallas have small looking downtown areas compared to the regions they anchor.

On top of that, Dallas and LA were large cities when Phoenix was still a town. As for continued growth Downtown Phoenix has plenty; but its basically growth for the first time as most of the empty lots weren't even urban to begin with but old pre-war single family homes the area of the "original" "downtown" is completely filled in.
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