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Originally Posted by nei View Post
Trump didn't win a single ward in Chicago

he won a number of NYC neighborhoods outside of the Hasidic neighborhoods, and narrowly lost a few more
You're making an assumption that a higher % of Trump voters is a proxy for "more conservative". Trump isn't a a traditional candidate, and doesn't espouse typical conservative policy stances. His support doesn't follow traditional cleavages.

And the non-Hasidic neighborhoods in NYC where Trump won also don't exist in Chicago. The other neighborhoods are dominated by former Soviets or Southern Italians.

The outer Chicago neighborhoods have a very different typology. They're basically "cop neighborhoods" and tend to vote Dem, but are quite conservative by most measures. Again, I'm highly skeptical an Irish-American cop/firefighter neighborhood in Chicago is more liberal than an Italian or Russian neigborhood in NYC, even if the Presidential voting patterns differ somewhat.
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