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Thanks for the comments!

Originally Posted by Swede View Post
Again, I can't praise the realism enough. I want to go to this city. It being on the railway from Åbo to Helsingfors would make for a nice round-trip from here in Stockholm. An old harbour like that with a market, a park and the museum with the city enclosing it would be quite good for tourism in our region these days.

Urhontorni looks taller than everything pre-war in Stockholm. Which shows a difference between Sweden and Finland in those decades.

Will you be filling out the area with square blocks before tackling things like bridges and such?
I really love the skyscraper architecture of North American cities, especially the fact that they have skyscrapers from many different eras in many architectural styles. That's what I want to bring to Halvoo. But I still don't want to make it look like a North American city but an Nordic city with our architectural styles, the abundant parks and a vibrant city center with residential and cultural buildings amid commercial buildings.

I will be building the city one square kilometer section at a time - with bridges and any other infrastucture - following a regular pattern from the center of the map towards the outer rim.

Here's the update:
The Old Barracks of the Imperial Russian Army from the 19th century - at that time Finland was an autonomous part of the Russian Empire - now house the offices of several cultural organisations.

Section001_pic21 by Vellu04, on Flickr

Looking southwest:

Section001_pic22 by Vellu04, on Flickr

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