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Originally Posted by bomberjet View Post
What's up with that tiny surface parking lot? For people stopping in to get lotto tickets?
Yeah, that parking lot is the most ridiculous thing I have seen as well as the park. How stupid. Lots of people were grumbling about that. Very early in design so lots of opportunity for change and pressure to change.

Overall I love the idea of all the new blood being further down Graham - it is such a great area. I still think something big will happen with the True North site so I feel that we can kill two birds (parking lots) with one stone.

Architect is Prairie - another surprise.
"But a city can be smothered by too much reverence for its past. The skyline must keep acquiring new peaks, because the day we consider it complete and untouchable is the day the city begins to die." - Justin Davidson - May 2010 Issue of New York
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