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Originally Posted by coolmillion View Post
Yeah, the construction is a bit disruptive but this is just down from arguably the strongest block on Barrington (the Loop, Grimsmo, Two Doors Down, etc.), directly across from Attica and around the corner from Biscuit and MEC. Rchmnd, a higher end men's clothing shop on Hollis is pretty isolated and seems to be doing well. In many ways Barrington is more hopeful, more appealing and definitely cooler than Spring Garden.
This transition is really interesting and it's not something I would have predicted a few years ago. In the past it seemed like Spring Garden was the more attractive commercial location and that growth happening along Barrington would pretty much be spillover attracted by lower rents. Instead it seems like Barrington has special appeal as a more historic street, and maybe there's an advantage to being a bit closer to the office core.

I suspect that Starfish has played a big role in all this by investing a lot of money in Barrington Street in a concerted way and working to attract new tenants. The same properties seem to perform wildly differently in different hands, and there was (and maybe still is) a lot of potential locked away in heritage buildings with passive owners.

I'm eager to see what happens when all of this plays out and the Roy, NFB, etc. are completed.
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