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How An Architect Who Has Never Left North Korea Imagines The Future

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North Korea's architecture is truly fascinating, influenced by the need to rebuild Pyongyang in the wake of the Korean War and the nation's relative isolation. What happens when an architect who has never been outside North Korea designs futuristic buildings to accommodate tourists visiting their country?

Koryo Tours has been bringing travelers to North Korea since 1993 and promotes cultural exchange between North Korea and other countries. Koryo Tours founder Nick Bonner recently commissioned an architect to create a series of designs imagining how a future North Korea might accommodate a huge influx of tourists. The images are part of the Golden Lion-winning Korean Pavilion at the Venice Biennale and are on show until November.


Mountain Conical Hotels, with ski runs in the pipes connecting the buildings

Hotel for the port city Nampo

A pedestrian bridge would let travelers walk through the mist of the Diamond Mountains

An "Aerial Hotel" that allows guests to enjoy views of nature

A tree-shaped hotel at Mount Kumgang

Villas overlooking a waterfall near Mount Kumgang

A guest house inspired by a bird's nest

A flying residence for holidays on the go

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