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Floating cities are nothing new. In the early 1960s, Buckminster Fuller designed a city – Triton – that was intended to float off the coast of Tokyo Bay. It was later considered but never commissioned by the US government.

“Three-quarters of our planet Earth is covered with water, most of which may float organic cities,” Fuller explains in his book Critical Path. “Floating cities pay no rent to landlords. They are situated on the water, which they desalinate and recirculate in many useful and non-polluting ways.” --- Fifty years on, with heavy pollution causing climate change and rising sea levels, Fuller’s floating city concept is being seriously considered as an antidote to those problems.


With almost 20% of the world’s population living in China, it is no surprise that the People’s Republic is one of the keenest countries to translate Fuller’s idea into a modern reality.

The Seasteading Institute aims to take the idea of floating cities even further, creating communities that have political autonomy whilst existing under the sovereignty of a host state. They are currently in discussions with several potential host countries and are aiming to establish their first seastead by 2020.

It’s hard to categorise Freedom Ship International at first. On one hand, the intended MO of continually moving around the world, mooring off the coast of different ports for weeks at a time would suggest it to be a rather large boat.

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