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Originally Posted by Biff View Post
The whole interchange is basically back to square one. They are looking to see where they can cut some costs to spend on the other possible interchanges at Birds Hill and Garvin (this is a good thing). I would much prefer to see a functional but downgraded 59/100 so that we could get 2 more grade separations at the other sites.
The province released a plan a couple of years ago outlining upgrades to 59 from 101 to 44. I recall that it included provisions for those interchanges as well as turning part of the road to 6 lanes from the Perimeter to at least Garven Road, maybe farther. (That would make it the first significant stretch of 6-lane road in Manitoba.)

I wonder how MIT will downgrade the 59/101 interchange, though? The plan calls for a basic cloverleaf modified to incorporate the existing EB to NB ramp... eliminating the EB to NB ramp would let MIT build a standard cloverleaf with only 3 bridge structures, but there would certainly be costs associated with dismantling that EB to NB ramp and replacing it with a cloverleaf ramp.
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