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Originally Posted by Cyro View Post

Water/Sewer issues delayed all that is CentrePort. I'm still stinging due to the loss of a potential $15 Billion Data Center. Remember Google. The infrastructure was NOT in PLACE to proceed. It has apparently now been solved or is in the process of being solved..

$200+ Million for CCW pails in comparison to the 15 Billion lost for not having the area ready to take on new industrial clients.
I don't want to argue, but I would like to clarify this statement a little.

It was Facebook and the total project budget was estimated at $1.5 billion. Water was an issue but not the reason they lost out on the bid. The final winner from Ohio or Iowa (cant remember who) gave entirely too much in incentives that Manitoba couldn't compete with. I talked to numerous people involved with the negotiations and they said that Manitoba really did offer everything they could. The state awarded, pretty much paid Facebook to locate there, so much that Facebook really had no choice. Manitoba/Winnipeg was apparently down to almost the last signature away from getting it.

I agree it was a big loss but good to know that the capital region was really that close to getting it in the first place. I feel that this attempt should make it feasible in the future to hopefully win other sizable future projects.
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