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Originally Posted by jmt18325 View Post
Centreport includes the land at the northwest corner of Brookside and Inkster, so yes, they did.

I'm well aware of that. But making the boundaries of centreport include businesses that already existed doesn't mean businesses are flocking to centreport. It'll take actual new construction of actual new businesses before I buy this load of garbage. CP is just another sham like Smart Park: government pumps money into a cruddy suburban business park and then fellate themselves and tells everyone they built Rome in a day. Maybe you can decipher what people garble around mouthfulls of their own cock, but I sure can't.

Actually, scratch that. I know you can't. You hear the gurgling the same as me but take for granted that there's some kind of truth behind it all.

Cyro, nobody's angry. I mean, I'm angry about how this province and city are run. I'm angry about how they lie to us. I guess I'm angry you're falling for it. But I know I'm not mad at you, brother.

Anyway, here's a map of centreport, so we're all clear on the facts. Yes, there are businesses in centreport. And, as jmt pointed out, they're along Brookside. But they already existed. The claim that 26 businesses opened or expanded in centreport is as empty as our provincial government's claims about how they're going to spend 99999999999999999 dollars on infrastructure in the next 3 days--that money was already in place, just like those businesses were.

Maybe I'm fundamentally wrong in how I understand the world works, though. Maybe the entire Perimeter Highway is brand-fucken-new because White Elephant Way is new and connects to it. Maybe if Perkins changed their name I wouldn't notice they serve the same garbage-ass food. Maybe I would fuck a pig if you put lipstick on it.

Maybe. But I think I'm right on this one.
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