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The Eiffel Tower adapts to provide all basic human needs with a wind turbine, rain water collection, vertical farming,
and electric legs forbidding any zombie to climb the tower.

The Oil Silo Home reuses abandoned Oil Silos to create a self-sufficient, zombie proof multi-family complex.

The Zoasis living complex provides zombie incineration to produce energy, a vertical farm and aquaponics system for fine dining,
a driving range facing zombie infested land, and hybrid airships connecting families of the zonation worldwide.

The Submersible Z House allows tenants to live a luxurious life uninterrupted, with a built-in greenhouse,
fish farm, tidal powered turbines constructed of razor blades, and a fully-armed luxurious escape
pod for backup.

New York Cityvision context envision a New York City as Heritage Site, protected from the elements with a barrier-wall.

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