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Originally Posted by Yankee View Post

I had heard something about plans to redevelop parts of Treasure Island, mainly build a few highrises there, but I had no idea the plan was to actually completely raze every structure that's currently on it . . . .
They aren't razing every structure. The old crescent-shaped Headquarters building, which is rather historic, will stay.

can't say I'm a big fan of the offset street grid though - cmon, the wind...? Who cares wind is wind it's all over the place . . . . They're obviously going for density and I do hope that a filled in island or just the developed area for starters has at least a density of 20,000/sq mi (isn't Treasure Island pretty much 1 square mile?) This has a huge potential of being like a second downtown, kind of like Miami's Miami Beach.
If you'd spent any time on TI (worked there for 4 years), you'd understand how pervasive and annoying the wind can be. Anything reasonable that can be done to mitigate it should be done.

I am extremely skeptical about putting any density on this island. I know I wouldn't want to live there. I realize Ferry service is planned but that's fairly low capacity and won't carry cars, trucks or other personal vehicles. Otherwise, for everyone who lives there access to and from home is going to be via the traffic-choked Bay Bridge which now experiences gridlock for maybe 6-8 hours a day and, by the time TI is actually redeveloped, will likely be a parking lot 18 hours a day--not even counting the extra traffic load the TI development imposes. How would YOU like to realize that if you wanted to go to the Mission for Mexican food or a movie at the Metreon, you'd have to spend 30-45 minutes in bumper to bumper traffic each way?
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