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I had heard something about plans to redevelop parts of Treasure Island, mainly build a few highrises there, but I had no idea the plan was to actually completely raze every structure that's currently on it, remove almost all the streets and completely redevelop the area. I mean there isn't much on the island right now, but there are a few residences and businesses here and there.

Well anyway, I love the new plan, can't say I'm a big fan of the offset street grid though - cmon, the wind...? Who cares wind is wind it's all over the place We've been strictly following the square grid principle for almost all of our major cities regardless of topography (SF being the best example) or pretty much anything else, now all of a sudden we're supposed to care about the wind...? Can't say I'm a big fan, as a pedestrian I prefer perpendicular blocks, but the offset grid has its charm too I guess.

I'm assuming the plan for the green space is maybe a park for starters and then as demand increases it will get filled in...? Is the Sun Tower and all the other highrises still on track? They're obviously going for density and I do hope that a filled in island or just the developed area for starters has at least a density of 20,000/sq mi (isn't Treasure Island pretty much 1 square mile?) This has a huge potential of being like a second downtown, kind of like Miami's Miami Beach. And I do hope that as demand and population increase they consider adding a subway line, either MUNI or BART under the bay to Treasure Island.

So when are we gonna start seeing everything getting torn down?

(sorry that was a long and erratic post...)
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