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Originally Posted by NIXPHX77 View Post
i think that's just it; i wanted an ash that is taller and wider and leafier.
the fan-tex i've learned has a "poodling" effect - long branches w/ clusters of leaves at the end like a poodle's tail. i like it, but w/o researching beforehand, i wish i had chosen a diff. ash.
So you're doesn't look like this? This is a Fan-tex Ash.

A Shamel Ash is very similar tho as I said it grows a bit taller then it does wide, usually 2/3 of it's height in width, plus a bit bigger overall and I didn't really want to over power the yard.
The Shamel is considered a "large" tree growing 45-50 feet (sometimes reaching 80') while the Fan-tex is "Medium-Large" growing 30-45 ft.

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