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Originally Posted by Omaharocks View Post
Yes, I think as Steely mentioned, Chicago has a good balance of somewhere between generational stability and transience.

But I would say the multi-generational aspect definitely has major downsides. My wife's family is all from Milwaukee. I love so much about that city, but it's an example of a midwestern city that does need more fresh blood.

We very well might end up back there one day, but for those that aren't from there or have "married into Milwaukee" as I have, the provincialism, binge-drinking, and local-sports fanaticism can be a turn off. Otherwise, it's great!
I've heard that Wisconsin takes the beer binge-drinking to a higher level, but provincialism and sports team fanaticism seem to have strong footholds in many cities. In Pennsylvania, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh have those attributes well covered.
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