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Lightbulb HOUSTON | The Watermark Tanglewood | FT | 22 FLOORS

Developer: Watermark Retirement Communities
Type: Senior Living
Location: 1661 Tanglewood, Uptown (Tanglewood)
Construction Timeline:

The Watermark Tanglewood (1661 Tanglewood Blvd.)

Watermark Retirement Communities recently mailed a selective announcement to property owners in the area of a proposed 20 story, 62-year and older luxury community along with a marketing survey and invitation to a focus group study. The proposed site is owned by WMJK Ltd. The THA Board is still trying to gather information and understand if any alternative options might be available, such as potentially raising capital for private purchase of the property and converting it to a green space. It appears Watermark is currently in the due diligence and marketing phase for this development. Further communication will be forwarded as facts are obtained.