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While the Committee appreciates the Applicant’s approach to locating and siting the
building to create an outdoor plaza and maintain view corridors to the Hotel MacDonald,
Edmonton Design Committee Minutes
April 30, 2019 3
the Committee recommends the Applicant continue to work with Administration to
provide greater detail in the design regulations and the appended landscape plan with
regard to the plaza; specifically:
● The identification and preservation of view corridors through the space and to the
Hotel MacDonald
● The creation of appropriate transitions (ie. spatial quality, materiality, access and
movement) to adjacent buildings and open spaces, including the Hotel
MacDonald, 100 Street and Jasper Avenue
● The proposed materiality of the plaza
● The identification of year round use and programming features (including but not
limited to public art, lighting and related infrastructure to support outdoor
● The creation of the shared space, integrating roadway access into the plaza space,
with priority given to pedestrian access and safety.
The Committee notes that many of the above items have been referenced in the
‘Response to Urban Design Principles’, but not integrated into the DC regulation or
appended Site / Landscape Plan.
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