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Originally Posted by iheartthed View Post
I'm an older millennial and I've always thought of Montreal as secondary to Toronto. In truth, Canada never really registered as a place that had big cities when I was growing up, so I was never that curious about Toronto or Montreal (youthful ignorance). But I always assumed Toronto was the most important place in Canada next to Windsor.
While I agree that Toronto is likely most known in the U.S. nation-wide, there can be some regional variations.

If you asked a random person on the west coast of the U.S. to name a random city in Canada, Vancouver would likely come up a lot.

If you asked them to name the biggest city in Canada, many of the geographically challenged (which is to say - lots of people) would likely answer Vancouver too. (Though less than for the previous question.)

In the Boston and New England region, to a lot of people (even most?) Canada is a predominantly French-speaking country and Montreal is *the city* up there. A decent chunk of them (most again?) probably also think that it's the biggest, or at the very least is basically equal to Toronto.
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