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When I finally would have had time for Bourne last summer, I found out that I wasn't motivated anymore. Modeling Bourne required a lot of effort and I wasn't satisfied with the results anymore, so Bourne's time-out was continued. I had been thinking about converting Bourne to use more photoreal textures but I was occupied with other projects.

Those other projects eventually ended and I thought what to do with my very limited free time next. I decided to give Bourne another shot, this time with textures made out of images from Bing Maps, Google Maps and Google Street view. I found out I had regained my inspiration for Bourne! This time around progress could be even slower, since I now have two children. To compensate slow progres I will also start to show WIP shots.

Here's the first sample of Bourne 2.0: the first re-textured building and also a try on a road texture.
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