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Originally Posted by Dac150 View Post
Interesting project and all, but not necessarily appropriate for that land at the expense of replacing a commercial high rise. Let’s not forget that the space lost in 130 Liberty should be restored as well. When you really net things out, it’s the financial district. I think to a degree some are losing sight over that.
It's all within the realm of making Downtown more of a 24-hour destination, or like midtown. It's most important to replace the lost office space, but if they can make room for a performing arts center in the process, I see now harm in it. It's amazing that in a city like New York there isn't one down there (forget about BMCC), but Midtown has been where all the action is. It's also an extension of the Fulton Street corridor, which is supposed to be the spine of this new 24 hour Downtown. I would like if they could at least build the hotel space above the PAC. But between the two sites, 5 WTC most definitely should be the office space.
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