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MELBOURNE | 25 Queensbridge St - The Falls | 236m | 71L

heh, developers are wasting no time.

Prima-Pearl is well U/C, Queensbridge Tower going for approval next door and FWP already built with one more site to the south of the entire block, if all go ahead, it'll probably become the most densely populated block in Australia - ~2000 apartments - 2000-3000 people (the block measures ~150m along Queensridge, ~150m along City Road, ~120m along Power St and ~160-170m along Southbank Blvd).

This is the blue site (pic from the Queensbridge Tower thread)

the last remaining is BMW Melbourne showroom - white building down the bottom - easily accomodate another 200m monster.

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alot of the original 567 collins about this one, two tone blue, black and bracing up the sides

3.1m off boundary v prima's 4.3m