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Kikruk Xassa Dam U/C

Peyamner PNA -KIRKUK - The Ministry of Water Resources on Wednesday said it has signed a contract with a Turkish firm to build a dam in Kirkuk to overcome water shortage in the province.

“The cost of the project, located near Kajk village across Xassa Jay River (10 northeast of Kirkuk), is 84.9 billion Iraqi dinars (ID),” according to a ministry statement received by Aswat al-Iraq news agency.
The dam will ensure the continuous flow of water through Xassa Jay River during all seasons and the irrigation of 3,000 donums (1 donum= 2,500 square meters) of land in Taza area, according to the statement.
“The estimated completion period of the project is 40 months,” the statement added.

Our dam construction 10 kilometres away from north-eastern part of Kirkuk is constructed for meeting the drinking water and irrigation requirements of the people of Kirkuk.

Main dam built on the River Khassa is an earth-fill dam type. The main dam with totally 9 million m³, has a crest height of 58 meters, and length of 2250 meters. It has a water reservoir capacity of 40 million m³.

Dam consists of riprap zone, impermeable clay zone, and filter zone, spillway and sluice outlet parts. The sluice outlet where water can be distributed to Kirkuk as drinking water through steel pipe with a diameter of 2 meter and butterfly valve with a diameter of 1.6 meter in a controllable way. All the mechanical works are completed and 90 % of concreting is finished. In spillway where excess water will be emptied and start to operate when there is spill, the concreting works are continuing. Clay, shell and filter fillings of the dam are also continuing and planned to complete all works at the end of 2011.

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