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Originally Posted by Dmajackson View Post
This site is now fenced off and excavation has begun. I live a block away so I'll keep close tabs on this. I didn't even know it was approved.
Nor did I. But it's understandable; this was grinding through the gears of the HRM planning bureaucracy for over 4 years. Seriously, does anyone think that sort of timeline - not at all uncommon, and shorter than a number of other proposals - is in any way reasonable? What can be done to free things up?

Two other points:
- It's a good thing the dearly departed Watts' idea to freeze this and all other proposals until the much-vaunted Centre Plan was approved, got defeated when she put a motion to that effect forward at Council THREE YEARS ago. Everything would have been locked down. BTW I hear Mason is bragging that Centre Plan will start getting approved at Council on April 8, but Council has yet to see it, so I expect it will not get approved any time soon. It seems like it is on life support and fading fast.

- Doesn't this look a lot like the recently completed Lotus Point Living in Dartmouth, aside from the color/type of cladding finishes? Is this the Highfield Park Special of the current decade? And is this what one gets when a city has either planning decrees limiting heights and densities, or the equivalent thereof via the type of development agreements that staff and Council are willing to approve?
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