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Originally Posted by IanWatson View Post
HRM doesn't want to sell St. Pats until it has appropriate zoning on it (i.e. top dollar). They rushed through a project to do zoning just for the site, but then pulled back on that to integrate it into Centre Plan. So once Centre Plan is approved, the sale of St. Pats can go ahead.
These sorts of dependencies ("we'll wait for X then move forward with Y") seem to be how enormous delays are created. The Centre Plan has been in the works for what, 8 or 10 years? Is it clear when it will be put into effect?

This approach is often used as a stall tactic. A flagrant example of this is how a few cities have been studying whether or not to allow ride sharing for about a decade now, i.e. discussion of implementation of something many other cities have already implemented has taken longer than it took for the Apollo program to get somebody to the moon and back.
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