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My public records request for the RFP proposals just got fulfilled.

The Aspirant proposal would have been a 2m sq. ft. mixed use development with ~600 apartments, 200,000 sq. ft. of office, hotel and retail, and would have been 499'--a new tallest in Arizona. On the flip side, however, I think this proposal is pretty ugly--a big, gray, full-block, monolithic parking structure with two towers on top.

The winning proposal from Electric Red is 1.1m sq. ft., with 300 apartments, 217 student housing units, 150 hotel rooms. The two towers are 300' and 200' tall. I can see some of the appeal--it's a realistic proposal, the proposer made explicit in the proposal that they will not be seeking a GPLET, and they layed out the economic benefits to the City really well. I also appreciate that the massing is varied and not so monolithic as the other two proposals. And the parking is proposed BELOW GRADE, which I also appreciate.

The Ryan/Davis proposal was NOT the one from the previous round. It also is a big, monolithic full-block parking structure with two towers on top. It is the smallest proposal, at about 1m sq. ft. The towers were only 210' and 186'. The towers were to be office and student housing--no general public market rate housing. In form it reminds me of the American Airlines buildings in Tempe, and is pretty underwhelming.

Given the proposals they received, I can't say they made the wrong choice. A new tallest would have been cool, but the design of the Aspirant proposal was really not to my liking. And the Ryan proposal was underwhelming and would have been disappointing to only include office and student housing.

When I get a minute I will post some of the renderings. If anyone wants me to send the full proposals feel free to PM an email address.
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