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Originally Posted by RST500 View Post
That project is at the Oakland Collosium site which already has BART access. You might be thinking of Brooklyn Basin which is near the proposed Ballpark and already under construction.
I have not heard any major updates regarding the Coliseum project, except for the fact that it is still probably the most viable option.

BART’s “no go” follows the “no go” by the Peralta Community College District Board of Trustees, which rejected the idea of even talking with the A’s about their preferred ballpark site next to Laney College.

Kaval said the third option of rebuilding at the Coliseum is now “probably the front-runner” in terms of getting a ballpark built quickly. But he said its location — five miles from downtown — is still a problem.

“We have seen across baseball that the most successful urban ballparks are downtown,” he said.

In regard to Howard Terminal, Major League Baseball commissioner Rob Manfred recently offered some positive feedback on its potential, though acknowledged some of its issues would have to be addressed. More from SFGate:

“Jack London Square is a positive,” Manfred said. “The proximity to downtown generally is a positive. I think anytime you have the opportunity to build a ballpark proximate to the water, it can be a big positive.

I still think that the Howard Terminal site, while perhaps not the most viable option, would be the most successful. Frankly when going to AT&T, i prefer walking from Powell St to the stadium versus taking MUNI. But thats me.

Apparently the A's will be meeting with the Port of Oakland 3/22. So HT doesn't sound completely ruled out yet. It certainly would stimulate the decades of development occurring in Jack London Square that has been of mediocre success.

I still like the idea that has swirled around in recent years of returning a light rail system back to Oakland's major corridors. There has been talk of trains running from MacArthur Bart to Jack London Square. It would be a massive undertaking. But look at what light rail did for the Pearl district in Portland? The other option might be some sort of BRT, which "bus only" lanes seem to be circulating in the Downtown Oakland Specific Plan.
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