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Originally Posted by worldlyhaligonian View Post
Yep, nailed it. HT is a lobby... its all about protecting their member's assets and has nothing to do with heritage.

They've saved one, poor example of heritage (the Morris house).

If they don't save those brick buildings on SGR, they might as well pack it in.

We need a real heritage group that is more concerned with preserving what exists that what is going to be built.

I bet they look at his forum... but they don't do shit! Weak, simply weak.
Yeah, I think the people currently running the Heritage Trust only use heritage as a superficial veneer for their *real* agenda, which is a NIMBY / BANANA anti-development bent. They throw on their silly HT costumes every once and a while when its convenient and they can use it for their own ends. Otherwise, they're happy to oppose development and change downtown by any means necessary. The same people who are HT are also Save the View, are also Friends of Halifax Commons, are also anti-Nova; etc, etc, etc. They oppose anything that would bring more people downtown. They oppose any sort of change. Oppose anything that will build the city's economic fortunes. Oppose anything that would let the downtown grow and prosper.

Someone should start a competing Heritage group that calls them out for their BS and then actually works with developers and city planners for better development outcomes. And Heritage Trust gets stripped of its status, and influence, as it should be.
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