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Originally Posted by raisethehammer View Post
I can recall 2 murders there since my teens. The first was many years ago and had a teen beaten with baseball bats in between the doors leading to the theatre.
If I recall, there was some outrage when the public learned that hundreds of people stood in line nearby to enter a movie without intervening.
The other murder I remember was the young fellow who was jumped in the parking lot a few years back.

I've been told there were 2 other murders in between these two, but I don't remember hearing about them.
Regardless, you'll never see the Spec print headlines condemning Limeridge as an unsafe place the same way they would if someone was beaten to death with bats at the Jackson Sq theatres.
I am not certain what makes raisethehammer have such a militant dislike for anything outside of downtown Hamilton. Both Lime Ridge and Jackson Square are in Hamilton. I do not know about murders, but in terms of shopping experience, LR has JS beaten by a mile almost any way you look at it (in my opinion). LR is more aesthetically pleasing, has more stores, higher quality stores, cleaner-cut customers, free parking. You cannot even buy a decent pair of running shoes in Jackson Square or the City Centre.

Oh, and if raisethehammer says "I've been told", I like to err on the side of caution and assume that he's been told wrong.
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