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Originally Posted by HX_Guy
Students may study in Phoenix, but they're letting loose in TempeLack of late-night activity takes away from the college atmosphere in downtown Phoenix, driving many of the Residential Commons' 150 residents to Tempe.

Most students come to parties in Tempe on Friday and Saturday nights, said Schraeder, who applied to live on the Tempe campus as soon as a bed is available.
Oh great.

College students + lack of nearby nightlife = drunk driving.

Going to UC Irvine must be almost as bad as ASU Downtown. The only places open really late within walking distance are fast food places, but at least there are some restaurants open to a normal hour (the 2 PM thing in Phoenix is only a slight exaggeration). Having to drive to places like Newport Beach for nightlife is a perennial problem. At least we can have parties in our apartments. I assume ASU Downtown is a dry campus, just like main?
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