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Originally Posted by Steely Dan
the report from newcityskyline last week said work would resume this monday, so has anyone spotted any work crews at the site so far this week?
On Monday, I saw people walking around the site, looking at blueprints and talking. Tuesday on my way home I stopped again and there was a little bit of activity but not much going in terms of heavy equipment and such. This morning, however, I walked by the site on my way to work and there was a lot more activity going - quite a few trucks were parked inside the site and the heavy equipment was in full use. They were moving dirt around and there was a big truck unloading more equipment.

I live three blocks away from the site so I'll keep you guys informed of the progress and I'll try to take some pictures of the work activity tomorrow morning.

We are aslo going to have weekly construction progress photos of all the bigger projects we have in Chicago as of next week in NewcitySkyline.
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