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Originally Posted by Taeolas View Post
How about The Black walnut.

(No I'm not being serious at all. And as the article points out that tree is an import to the Freddy region so not part of the natural forest. )
Even if you were trying to be serious, the answer would be "nope!", as I know for a fact the black walnuts I personally planted in both the Trois-Rivières area and on my lands in northern NH (climate similar to the Eastern Townships of Quebec, i.e. "Eastern Mixed Forest") five years ago are doing well, so it's not unique to NB at all.

I have no doubt that the following places in my list can grow black walnut at least as well as Fredericton:

Huron County ON, Kingston, Montreal

(likely better in the case of the former two, as well in the case of the latter)

The natural range of black walnut in Canada matches roughly the Carolinian / Deciduous part of Ontario, so they're much less outside that if planted in Huron County or the eastern parts of the GTA than if planted in Freddy.
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