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Originally Posted by lio45 View Post
Of course there's specific characteristics unique to the Maritimes, it's just that that map was not at that level of detail. I'm sorry but if you have Southeastern Manitoba, Thunder Bay, Kingston, Montreal, Campbellton, Gaspé, Edmundston in the exact same zone, you do not get to put Fredericton in a different zone. That's just indefensible.
Perhaps true of Fredericton but not true of Southwestern NS.

If you look up coastal plain flora you can find a list of 100 or so species that are only in NS within Canada aside from some that are also found in extreme Southern Ontario. Thousands of square km in NS are dominated by plants that don't live in other parts of Canada. It's not just a case of the tree proportions being a bit different.

They look different from other plants in Eastern Canada too. For example several of them are leafy evergreens (e.g. ilex glabra).

I guess you could argue that the Atlantic Coastal Plain biome is too geographically small for its own category but on American maps it usually does get its own category; Cape Cod is in one and upstate NH another. It's just overlooked in Canada because it's a relatively small area with a small population. If it were in Ontario it would be on the maps.
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