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Originally Posted by TownGuy View Post
For Ontario I found this eco-regions map, which is highly detailed. If you click the link I post it lists corresponding trees for each eco-region.


That's the kind of minimum detail level I expect an Ontario forester to work with when you tell them that you have X acres in Area Y, to have an idea of the tree mix you're likely to have over there, and what you should try to focus on growing long term.

It's really not rocket science though, and very imperfect. The idea that you can't possibly hope to argue against a given random map if you don't have a PhD in Forestry is total BS. Of course, the more detailed the map, the harder it will be to challenge, and the more likely it is to have few flaws. The map above, for example, I don't see why anyone would have a problem with it, unless they're really an expert in their own Ontario neck of the woods and want to point out a slightly incorrect boundary due to a microclimate the mapmakers oversaw, or something like that.
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