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Originally Posted by Docere View Post
By metro*:


New York 111,101
San Francisco/San Jose 73,548
Los Angeles 37,913
Chicago 33,820
Washington 31,718
Houston 24,569
Dallas 21,863
Atlanta 18,589
Philadelphia 16,763
Boston 15,584
Seattle 14,092
Detroit 11,078


New York 90,378
Chicago 41,234
Houston 31,069
Washington 28,511
Los Angeles 19,409
Dallas 16,993
San Francisco/San Jose 13,628


New York 84,849
Chicago 39,590
Los Angeles 20,912
Philadelphia 17,874
San Francisco/San Jose 15,942
Houston 13,210
Dallas 11,018


New York 107,645
Washington 16,160
Los Angeles 12,530
Detroit 12,110


New York 42,525
San Francisco/San Jose 32,245
Los Angeles 18,170
Sacramento 14,430
Seattle 11,715
Fresno 11,620

* New York includes Fairfield, Los Angeles includes Riverside/San Bernardino.

Hindi: largest linguistic group from India. Concentrated in major urban areas of Silicon Valley, Chicago, and NYC.

Gujarati: concentrated in New Jersey and Chicago. One of few Indian groups Socal (LA and OC) has more speakers than the Bay Area.

Urdo: mostly from Pakistan, most in Houston, Chicago, and Queens.

Bengali: most from Bangladesh. Most in NYC boroughs on Brooklyn, Queens, and Bronx. LA more than Bay Area.

Punjabi: Basically Queens plus California, especially in inland CA counties.

Marathi: small group. Primarily concentrated in Silicon Valley and New York.

Bihari: very small group. Oddity in that most are in Florida.

Kashmiri: also very small group. No enclave but most in LA, Long Island, and Maryland.

Nepali: modest group but growing. Communities in Houston, Dallas, Northern Virginia, and Queens.

Sindhi: from Pakistan, Mostly in NYC metro.

Sinhalese: From Sri Lankan. Small group, mostly in LA.

Telegu: Most in Silicon Valley plus Dallas and Northern Virginia.

Malayalam: Chicago, Long Island, and various Texas cities.

Tami: Silicon Valley, Seattle, and New Jersey.
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