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Originally Posted by Josh M View Post
I would be interested in setting up a website but I would need to know what to include in it before I start
This will require input from all interested in this project. However, my idea would be to start with a website to gather people's opinions on what they would like to see in a stadium in terms of design and location. The website should have an email address so that people can send their opinions.

I would start with a rough outline of the website pages. Example:
page 1) Introduction - Why a stadium is required/desired in the HRM. (to be used for concerts, university games, CFL, soccer, etc.). Clearly state that this is what is desired and not what is planned. I wouldn't want people to think of this as a hoax and having people believing that it has already been committed to by the city.
page 2) Stadium design proposals (pictures of various stadiums could be posted, examples: Moncton Stadium, Suputo Stadium, Akron Ohio Stadium, Blue Bombers Proposed New Stadium, etc. I personally would propose a basic stadium of 15,000 permanent bench style seats for which the capacity can be increased by temporary seating to say 30,000. To me, it is important that the stadium become a benefit to the HRM residents and not a burden. If successful, the stadium can be expanded with more permanent seats in the future.
page 3) proposed sites and advantages/disadvantages of each (example: transit is good/poor, parking is available or not, etc.)
page 4) Feedback - request opinions from those viewing the website. What do viewers of the website wish to see in a stadium and the location.

Could people reading this thread indicate if they will contribute material to a website? What is the best way to contribute material. Can it be done directly through this forum by posting material? Some people on this forum are very good at describing their thoughts. Whenever you see something on this tread that you would like to use on the website it would be a good idea to ask the author if you can use their material.