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Kaohsiung | Aozihdi Parking Area 35 BOT Project | U/C

Kaohsiung | Aozihdi Parking Area 35 BOT Project | U/C


Metropolitan Living Development (MLD) Corporation will invest 2.3 billion NTD in the project, which is expected to provide Gushan Aozihdi area with a smart multistory public parking lot that can hold 600 small cars, 1100 scooters, and 40 bicycles by 2022. It will significantly benefit local development and help alleviate parking problems.

The new parking lot built under the BOT model will not only provide parking for cars, scooters, and bicycles, but also integrate with offices, cultural and creative bookstores, shopping malls, movie theaters, and food courts, hence boosting job opportunities in Kaohsiung City. This creates a win-win-win situation for the citizens, government, and operators.

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