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i have higher standards than some

to be fair, it's not all bad. i honestly think i'd do a better job one some parts of the design though. and i'm a layman. take your last pic for example. the entire left half of your picture looks stupid. those horizontal beams jutting out from the wall. i know they're structural elements of the original building but c'mon, what utter lack of imagination to simply clad them in white and not address their imposing lack of purpose - they are a visual nuisance. and the patterned cladding on the wall extending down the columns to the left just looks busy and cheap. yeah, i see an attempt to tie in a design motif, but come on - this is childs-play.

the striped columns in williamchung's pics look like something out of a shinkong mitsukoshi lobby from 1994 and would have been better left as polished concrete or minimalistic white cladding.

but again, the overall result is acceptable considering taiwan is not world class like europe/japan. you're correct, taiwan will always be overlooked as the land of mediocrity; greatness is overrated anyways.

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