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Originally Posted by tjp View Post
"Lightfoot apparently won’t try to do away with the controversial tradition of City Council members having enormous power on local zoning questions, according to aldermen who were briefed on her plan at Lightfoot’s River North transition office."

I'm disappointed.
Lightfoot's platform during the campaign referred to a proposed ordinance that would have the ZBA rather than City Council make decisions on any zoning change including 10% or more affordable housing on site. Most of the market-rate proposals by developers would continue to be handled in the old way, but the faster approval times and greater likelihood of approval might give developers an incentive to provide more affordable housing on-site.

I don't think Lightfoot ever wanted to abolish aldermanic prerogative completely, for any and all zoning changes - just to root out corruption from the day-to-day routine matters that individuals and businesses handle with the city, and to prevent blatantly racist NIMBYism like the Jeff Park veterans housing debacle.
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