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Originally Posted by Spocket View Post
I don't think anybody has cited Trump so I'm not sure what you're referring to here. In any case, you've raised exactly the point he was making which I further reiterated. No matter what you think of him he raises a point that any thinking person should have been putting in front of Merkel from the get go.
I was refering to this:

Originally Posted by RST500 View Post
" Trump said, “When you look at Europe, I have friends that live in Germany, they’re leaving. I have friends that are leaving Germany because of what’s happened.”
No, he raises the point of an ignorant opportunistic person who doesn´t know or care much about constitutional laws in Germany and human rights. I´m sure there´s a lot to critizise in Merkel´s decisions and above all, attitudes IMO, (she had been critizesed if she had left thousands of refugees outside the EU in poor conditions anyway), but he and his far right believers do it in an excessive mediatic way to spread fears and win support from that, if he becomes the next US president, I would be more worried about massive emigration from the US
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