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Originally Posted by RST500 View Post
"On Friday’s Breitbart News Daily radio program, heard on the Sirius-XM Patriot Channel, Trump said, “When you look at Europe, I have friends that live in Germany, they’re leaving. I have friends that are leaving Germany because of what’s happened.” Trump was discussing Merkel’s policy of allowing thousands of unvetted Muslim refugees to come into the country."
I think Trump's an idiot but for whatever else that may be wrong with him, he makes an extremely valid point about the immigration issue in Germany.

It's not an issue with simple mass migration but rather the fact that none of these people are vetted. This is absolutely bone-headed of Merkel and for the life of me I can't figure out why she thought it would have been a good idea.

As for how this will affect the population of Germany, that's really difficult to gauge. After all, how many of these immigrants will choose to actually stay in Germany ? How many of them are going to even stay in the EU ? There's also the fact that because of this move by Merkel, there's going to be a backlash (and there's already one) which may drive out some of the immigrants who have already decided to make Germany their home. When one stops to think about it, what Merkel has done is effectively turn the Germans against immigration. Baby and bathwater both going out the window together.

Merkel is still a smart politician but I can't figure out what was going through her head when she opened the doors and invited everybody in, sight unseen. My esteem of her went through the floor thanks to this disaster that she partially manifested. It will have repercussions throughout Europe and the EU and I can't see any of them being positive.
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