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Originally Posted by mville1 View Post
Thanks Cyro! I remembered seeing the rendering on the construction fencing, but either I was too distracted by the impressive nature of the building to notice the name or it was in Polish.

And out of all the cities I've visited, Warsaw certainly ranks towards the top. The food, beer, architecture, history, and the people make it a worthwhile destination. I was also impressed by Wroclaw and Katowice, which I only got a brief look at through the window of a Deutsche Bahn bus on my way back to Berlin. If only I had more time and I had done better research, I would have spent a few days in both those cities.
lol..Yeah my Polish reading skills have dropped off significantly over time, understanding and speaking are not that bad yet..use it or lose it I guess.

Sounds like a great trip. Spent more time in Krakow, Lodz and Kutno myself, family thing, but the country is transforming at an incredible rate with Warsaw moving at an incredible pace from my recollections of it...
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