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Originally Posted by mousquet View Post
^ Uh! Hey, were you living under a heavier rock, in a cave or something? Germany's been all over the place for a decade or so. Gerhard Schröder or whatever the weird spelling of his crazy name butchered entire Europe. Hell, I wish that guy could've spoken French. Now their easy conservative Angela is collecting all the yummy fruits of smarter and braver Gerhard... Politics. We all know about this over here now. The local media has been constantly hammered it out like we're so tired of it. That's the fault of our pathetic retarded left wing and their legions of useless sorry technocrats and corporatist little officials hidden in their boring depressing offices that are still 50 years late on the German left wing. It's a well-known fact now.

I'll have no mercy on them.
--Real GDP growth rate - volumen --



--Percentage change on previous year--

If you look at the table, germany experienced -5,6% growth in 2009, UK -5,3, France -2,9. (the graphic is wrong?), the UK the next years grew much faster.
It´s not all about politics, the left and right in germany are not too different to other countries in europe, they have a different culture and highly developed tech companies backing the economy,. In fact... if it wasn´t for some germany´s politicians they could be economically much stronger in Europe without the messy euro, I´m not sure if that´s something european countries should be happy about or not
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