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ok, few updates, was away from this forum for a while, lost my password

anyways, here is update on Arena Center - massive shopping mall on the outskirts of Zagreb, well outskirts is a bad word, it was outskirts few years ago, now it is becoming a new city center, as many projects are planned for the area.

Thanx NikolaZGB who took these pics nad a forum link

bit about the project.

Arena Center is a new, technologically highly advanced, shopping and entertainment center in the region. The Arena Center project is worth 244 million euro and will have 175 000 square meters (1.883.684,32 square feet). The design of the center is a result of successful cooperation between domestic and international architects UPI-2Ma and Design International. It’s a complex with uniquely wide range of offered services that comprise shopping, sport, cultural, and other engaging activities.

This shopping-business center will include ten big stores, 200 small and medium storehouses of foreign and local company's, Interspar hypermarket with 10 000 square meters (107.639,10 square feet) CineStar Multiplex Cinema with nine projection halls of which, one will be equipped to present 3D movies. Furthermore, the Center will have many entertainment facilities and a garage adjusted for more than 3.000 parking lots. The Sport Arena and the shopping mall are going to be linked by a large piazza with many amenities like coffee shops, restaurants, fountains, and a green area. The open area is also a cohesive element of the city center project and will denote a new midpoint of social life and a meeting point for that part of Zagreb.

Arena Center along with a multipurpose sport stadium Arena Zagreb is about to form a new city center, architectural-urban model that will in a harmonious way unite different buildings and features that one usually comes across in a real town center. Modern architects and urban planners have predicted that city centers will become a development model in only fifteen years.

Therefore, the new city center will represent the most significant architectural solution in the South-West part of Zagreb, and at the same time it will greatly influence the development of modern infrastructure and municipal network of that part of town. Zagreb will have a new city center that will be very dynamic for 24 hours a day and will represent a development model for the twenty first century.

and from the air

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