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Originally Posted by CHapp View Post
So are those slices of pork in there? Or is it beef?
At my local Kurdish joint I usually go for either lamb or beef.. but chicken is great too..

As Swede mentioned pork isn't exactly popular with the middle eastern people, but they do serve it if one asks for it ( plus it's the main ingediant of about half the pizzas they offer )

Anyway it's basicly a pita, just with differnt meat and usually a more sour dressing..

Originally Posted by CHapp View Post
Either way, kebabs look like they're pretty messy when you try to eat them--messier than a slice of Pizza at any rate.
They can be, but you usually get them wrapped in paper, so it's kinda like eating a burger in paper, some times you are lucky and other times it end up looking like the stuff babys drool out

Originally Posted by CHapp View Post
But then it sounds like some of you folks have had plenty of practice in chowing down a kebab gracefully.
Middle Eastern joints have pretty much killed all other opposition here in Denmark, we used to have Chinese Grills everywhere, but now it's pizza and Shawarma/kebab joints.. it's also much healthier than other fast food and certainly tastes better if you ask me, it's also made of fresh stuff instead of the defrosted crap you get a MickyD's & Co..
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