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Originally Posted by SHiRO View Post
And when are Americans going to learn that not everyone views race in such simplictic terms?

The biggest immigrant groups in Spain are Moroccans, Romanians, people from other EU states and Latin Americans --- all "white" (or partly white in case of latin Americans).
And when are you going to learn to respond to people in this forum without coming across as so arrogant?

If you knew anything about me you'd know that I quite often correct people's misconceptions about race and ethnicity. Why are you responding to me as if I have a simplistic way of viewing this? I have studied race/ethnicity extensively and am well-versed in the subject. I challenge you to find something wrong with my statement that Spain is 90% "white" or more. I never claimed, nor would I ever try to claim, that all of the Moroccans or Latin Americans were not "white."

Don't jump to attack people so quickly.
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